Brake repairs at competitive prices!

Do you hear squeaky, screeching, grinding, squealing, rubbing and other

unusual noises coming from the wheels? Do you get a burning smell when

braking? Do you feel vibrations and pulsation in the brake pedal or the

steering wheel? Does the brake pedal feels spongy and low?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above, you need to get the brake system

checked. We are more than happy to provide you with a free check and carry

out any necessary brake repairs or replace any damaged parts.

List of services

  • Brake pads replacement

  • Brake discs cleaning and replacement services

  • Brake cylinders rust removal and replacement

  • Brake calipers replacement

  • Brake fluid system flush and top-up services

  • Brake fuel lines replacement

  • Seals replacement

  • Master cylinder replacement

  • ABS (anti-lock braking system) diagnostics and repairs

  • Hand brake parts replacement and adjustments

  • Brake warning light diagnosis

  • Brakes bleeding


                                                                    Both genuine and motor factor parts available depending on your budget and preference.

                                                                    No parts replaced or work carried out without your consent. We practice competitive pricing, high standard                                                                        workmanship and manual labour warranty.


                                                                   NCT Brake failure repairs

                                                                   As shown here, for the year 2015, brake faults are in the top list of the NCT failure items.

                                                                   If your vehicle failed the NCT test for any of the faults listed below, call into us with

                                                                   your NCT failure report and let us fix your brakes.


  • Service Brake Performance – is the total brake effort expressed as a proportion of the vehicle weight.

  • Parking Brake Performance – is the total brake effort from the hand brake expressed as a proportion of the vehicle weight.

  • Ovality – is the proportion of the minimum and maximum brake force on one full wheel rotation at a brake force of 25%

  • Imbalance – is the ratio between the left and right brake force of the same axle

  • Brake Line / Hoses

  • Stop Lamps

Brake pads replacement

Worn brake pads can cause uneven brake disc wear and/or distortion. If brake pads are

replaced on time, you avoid additional repairs and costs.

Not sure if your pads need to be replaced? Call into our garage (no appointment necessary)

for a quick visual check. If the pads need to be replaced we may be able to help you on the spot.



Brake discs replacement

Uneven wear, worn or distorted brake disc, increases your vehicles braking distance.

                                               Get your brake discs checked by our technicians and let us find what’s causing

                                               uneven wear and or distortion.

                                               It is recommended that brake discs are changed in pairs, and brake pads are

                                               also replaced.